1. Installing Ingres : How You Access the Instance on Linux
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How You Access the Instance on Linux
When the installation is complete, the instance is running.
To access your instance, you must source the environment file that was created during installation.
During installation, an environment file is written to the home directory of the operating-system user ID that was defined during installation (the default is “ingres”). The name of the environment file depends on the value of II_INSTALLATION.
To source the environment file created during installation, issue the following command.
Note:  The following examples assume an operating-system user ID of ingres.
For bash:
. ~ingres/.ingXXsh
For tcsh:
source ~ingres/.ingXXcsh
where XX is the instance ID of the instance.
For other users to have access to the instance and the Ingres tools, they must have access to the .ingXXbsh and .ingXXcsh scripts. The scripts can be copied to the home directory of any user.