A. Frequently Asked Questions on Ingres for Linux : Should I Modify System Kernel Parameters?
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Should I Modify System Kernel Parameters?
Do I need to modify system kernel parameters before running Ingres?
No. Standard kernels and kernels compiled with default values (without modifying the Linux source headers) should provide adequate resources. For additional information, see the Readme file.
You might, however, need to increase the maximum allowable size for shared memory segments. You can do this by running /sbin/sysctl –w kernel.shmmax=<new value> as root. Change is immediate and does not require a reboot.
Ingres will fail to start if any of the kernel parameters do not meet required values. You can check these parameters using the syscheck utility in $II_SYSTEM/ingres/utility, as follows:
If syscheck reports any potential problems, use the following to generate a list of suitable parameters:
syscheck –c
The output is in the format expected by /sbin/sysctl. If the output is written to a file, the new values can be applied as follows:
syscheck –c > out.file
/sbin/sysctl –p outfile