1. Installing Ingres : Start the Ingres Installation on Linux
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Start the Ingres Installation on Linux
You can use the ingstart command to start Ingres.
Note:  If you are using a raw device for your transaction log file, you must configure the log file before starting your instance.
Note:  If your operating system has shadow passwords, you must install the password validation program before starting a networked DBMS Server instance.
To start the Ingres instance
1. Log on to your system through the system administrator account for the instance.
2. Enter the following command:
% ingstart
The ingstart command checks whether you have sufficient operating system resources to run the Ingres components, and whether the raw log file (if used) is configured. If these conditions are met, ingstart starts all servers that are part of your instance.
To stop the Ingres instance
Enter the following command:
% ingstop
The instance is stopped.