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Change the Passphrase
The circle of trust for the table may change, or the law may require that the passphrase change periodically.
To change the passphrase for encrypted data, use the NEW_PASSPHRASE option on the MODIFY statement.
To change the passphrase
1. Issue the MODIFY statement with the following options:
    WITH PASSPHRASE='encryption passphrase',
        NEW_PASSPHRASE='new encryption passphrase';
2. Issue another MODIFY statement to enable the table with the new phrase:
MODIFY tablename ENCRYPT WITH PASSPHRASE = 'new encryption passphrase';
Issuing the second MODIFY re-enables access to encrypted data and ensures that the changed passphrase was typed correctly. We recommend doing this immediately, and before a COMMIT is issued. If a problem occurs, ROLLBACK to the old passphrase and try again.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023