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File Permissions on UNIX
Ingres is installed with the required file permissions to operate efficiently. The installation process creates the subdirectories with the appropriate file permissions and ownership.
Many of the files under the $II_SYSTEM directory are critical to the proper functioning of Ingres. Do not delete or alter any files that the installation process places in the $II_SYSTEM directory and its subdirectories. No other files or directories should be created in this directory or its subdirectories.
IMPORTANT!  Do not alter the permissions on the $II_SYSTEM directory, subdirectories, or any files in these directories; otherwise, the security and integrity of the database can be compromised.
Although it is possible to set more restrictive file permissions, you should do so only with extreme caution. The more restrictive file permissions will have to be tested extensively in a test environment that matches the production setup. Furthermore, such a change deviates from the Ingres standard and modified permissions could be overwritten when installing patches or when upgrading.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023