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Netutil Entries for Ingvalidpam
After you have the appropriate authentication mechanism configured with PAM, you can convert your clients to use the user names and passwords for ingvalidpam instead of the system or Ingres installation passwords, if they are different.
To update netutil with the ingvalidpam user names and passwords
1. Ensure that II_SHADOW_PWD is defined as $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/ingvalidpam using the following command:
ingprenv II_SHADOW_PWD
2. Redefine II_SHADOW_PWD, if necessary:
ingsetenv II_SHADOW_PWD $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin/ingvalidpam
Stop and then restart the Name Server, as follows:
ingstop -iigcn
ingstart -iigcn
3. Add user names and passwords appropriate to the authentication method in the netutil database. (For details, see the Connectivity Guide.)
The Name Server will use ingvalidpam to authenticate.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023