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Security Auditing Configuration Parameters
A security audit log file is created as part of the installation process. Audit records are recorded in a shared buffer before being written to the audit page and then to the log file. The auditing derived parameters will affect performance so concurrent performance testing is advised before implementing security auditing.
The security auditing configuration parameters are as follows (for more detail, see the online help for CBF or Configuration Manager):
Used for the auditing destination.
Default: INGRES
Specifies the page size of each audit log page
Specifies the maximum log size in kilobytes
Specifies the audit action to take on an error, either SHUTDOWN or STOPAUDIT
Specifies the audit action to take on “log full” condition: SHUTDOWN, STOPAUDIT, or SUSPEND
Specifies the full path of the utility to execute when an audit log is full or before a new log is initialized
Specifies whether security auditing is ON or OFF
Audit log files
Specify the full path of each audit log
Last modified date: 01/30/2023