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Security Privilege
The Security privilege allows a user to monitor the security of the system and the activities of its users. The Security privilege and all other privileges are automatically bestowed on the installation owner.
A user with this privilege can:
Impersonate other users (using the ‑u flag on commands or performing the equivalent using Actian Director or the Users branch of the Virtual Nodes toolbar in VDBA).
Connect to any database with unlimited database privileges. (In effect, database privileges are not enforced for users with the Security privilege.)
Configure database and installation security alarms (using CREATE/DROP SECURITY_ALARM statements or the equivalent operations in Actian Director or VDBA).
IMPORTANT!  The Security privilege is powerful because it allows the holder to impersonate any other user. At least one user with the Security privilege is required, but the privilege can be restricted as tightly as possible so that your system security is not compromised.
Note:  The security privilege does not allow a user to bypass granted permissions on a database object; unless permission is granted to the user they are impersonating, they will not be able to access the object.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023