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iisukerberos Command--Perform Basic Kerberos Configuration
The iisukerberos utility provides a simple interface for the most commonly-used Kerberos configuration options.
This command has the following format:
UNIX, Linux, Windows:
The iisukerberos utility configures Kerberos at the following levels:
Client configuration
Client configuration enables this installation to use Kerberos to authenticate against a remote installation that has been configured to use Kerberos for authentication. This is the minimum level of Kerberos authentication.
Note:  You must add the "authentication_mechanism" attribute in netutil for each remote node you wish to authenticate using Kerberos. The "authentication_mechanism" attribute must be set to "kerberos". There is no need to define users or passwords for vnodes using Kerberos authentication.
Name Server authentication
Name Server authentication allows the local Name Server to authenticate using Kerberos.
Server-level authentication
Server-level authentication forces all local servers, such as the DBMS Server and the Communications Server, and applications to authenticate against the Name Server using Kerberos.
You can select any combination of client, Name Server, and server-level authentications.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023