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DDB Contents Frame Operations
The Distributed Database Contents frame includes the following operations:
Provides attribute information about the objects in the selected distributed database.
Allows you to look at a list of nodes and select a node. This list of nodes includes only those already used in the distributed database selected.
From the selected node, you can look at and select a local database. From the selected database, you can look at the tables and views in that local database. You can then select and register a table or view in your distributed database. (Registering Tables with StarView.)
You cannot use StarView to add a table from a node not yet in that distributed database (since StarView obtains the information from the iiregistered_objects catalog).
Removes the registration of tables or views from the selected distributed database (it does not drop the underlying table or view from the local database).
You cannot remove a table or view only a registration. To remove a table or view, you must exit StarView and use the drop statement.
Restricts or extends the display of distributed database objects.
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Last modified date: 01/30/2023