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Example: Register as Link with Refresh
The following example shows the use of register as link with refresh:
register west_prospects as link
from prospects;

create view leads as
select * from west_prospects;

/* Initiate connection to coordinator database */
direct connect;
drop prospects;

/* recreate with the same schema but with an additional column */
create table prospects;

/* return control to Ingres Star */
direct disconnect;

register west_prospects as link with refresh;

/* view created above */
select * from leads;
The result set from the view selection will show the original schema of the prospects table. The original target from the view is used for selection, and that target list contains only information from the old schema. However, a select on the registered table west_prospects results in a set of rows under the new schema.
For detailed descriptions of the direct connect/disconnect statements, see Connecting Directly to a Local Database on page 1.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023