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Global and Private Authorizations
The authorizations defined in netutil or ingnet can be globally entered by the Net system administrator and used by all users, or they can be private entries.
Group Accounts
As an alternative to allowing each user private authorization to each remote node, the Net system administrator may define a login to serve as a group account for each local node and define global access to this account through netutil or ingnet. Ingres Star will connect to Ingres on the local node using the group account name and not the Ingres Star user’s name.
For example, consider the following configuration:
User dave and the Star Server reside on the london node. On node london, user dave has made no private authorization entries in netutil or ingnet other than to authorize his access to the london node.
netutil or ingnet has a global authorization on london authorizing francis to access the paris node.
Dave uses Ingres Star on node london to access data from the paris node. Ingres Star’s session with the database on paris will be in the name of francis; Dave is able to access only those tables with permissions granted to the francis login.
Private Accounts
In most cases, the individual user will want to define a private authorization to a node even if the node itself is defined globally. Defining authorizations for any node makes sense only if the authorized user has access to a login account on that node.
Last modified date: 01/30/2023