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Ingres Star and Upgradefe
Upgradefe converts or creates tools catalogs for any of the distributed Ingres products. These include Ingres, Ingres/DBD, and Ingres Vision. You can invoke upgradefe directly, using the command syntax described below. Upgradefe is also invoked indirectly by upgradedb.
A Star Server must be running in order to run upgradefe on a distributed database.
Upgradefe cannot be used on coordinator databases.
Upgradefe Command--Update Tools Catalogs
The upgradefe command for distributed databases has the following format:
upgradefe distdbname/star {product}
Specifies the name of a distributed database.
Indicates that the database requires a Star Server because it is a distributed database.
Specifies one or more product names. Names can include:
Examples: Upgradefe
upgradefe mystardb/star
Assure that the tools catalogs required for the OpenROAD product for distributed database mystardb are upgraded (or created if they do not already exist):
upgradefe mystardb/star windows_4gl
Last modified date: 01/30/2023