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The following software components are required before installing EMA:
Docker for Linux, Version 1.13.0, installed on the host that will run EMA. Preferably, Docker should be installed on a system that is not an Ingres production system. The EMA must have network access through SSH to the monitored Ingres host.
A user account on the host that will run EMA. The account will own the EMA configuration files and runtime files. The account must be enabled to control the EMA Docker container.
The EMA owning user ID must be a member of the host OS “docker” group.
Do not use the “root” account to install EMA. This is not supported and can be a security risk.
For details, refer to the Docker documentation at https://docs.docker.com/.
Windows On the Windows host where the Ingres installation to be monitored resides: A Windows user ID for EMA monitoring. The user ID must be a local Windows (not domain) user, and defined as a user in Ingres with the Security Administrator privilege.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024