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Each chapter in this guide discusses EQUEL for a particular host language. Each chapter contains the following sections:
EQUEL Statement Syntax
Provides language-specific issues of EQUEL statement syntax
Variables and Data Types
Lists the declaration and use of language-specific program variables in EQUEL
Dynamically Built Param Statements
Specifies the param feature that dynamically builds EQUEL statements
Note:  This feature is supported in EQUEL/C and EQUEL/Fortran only.
Runtime Error Processing
Discusses the user-defined EQUEL error handler
Precompiling, Compiling and Linking an EQUEL Program
Discusses the EQUEL preprocessor for the host language and the steps required to create, compile, and link an EQUEL program
Preprocessor Error Messages
Explains EQUEL preprocessor error messages specific to the host language
Remaining sections
Provide sample programs that illustrate many EQUEL features
Last modified date: 06/10/2024