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Linking an EQUEL Program--UNIX
EQUEL programs require procedures from an Ingres library. The required library is listed in the following examples and must be included in your compile or link command after all user modules. The library must be specified in the order shown in the following examples.
Programs without Embedded Forms
The following example demonstrates the link command of an EQUEL program called "dbentry" that has been preprocessed and compiled:
cc -o dbentry dbentry.o
-lm -lc
Note:  You must include both the math library and the C runtime library.
Ingres shared libraries are available on some UNIX platforms. To link with these shared libraries replace "libingres.a" in your link command with:
-L $II_SYSTEM/ingres/lib -linterp.1 -lframe.1 -lq.1 \
To verify if your release supports shared libraries check for the existence of any of these four shared libraries in the $II_SYSTEM/ingres/lib directory. For example:
ls -l $II_SYSTEM/ingres/lib/libq.1.*
Compiling and Linking Precompiled Forms
The technique of declaring a precompiled form to the FRS is discussed in the Forms-based Application Development Tools User Guide. To use such a form in your program, you must also follow the steps described here.
In VIFRED, you can select a menu item to compile a form. When you do this, VIFRED creates a file in your directory describing the form in C. VIFRED lets you select the name for the file. After creating the C file this way, you can compile it into linkable object code with the cc command:
cc filename
The output of this command is a file with the extension ".o". You then link this object file with your program by listing it in the link command, as in the following example, which includes the compiled form "empform.o":
cc -o formentry formentry.o 
-lm -lc
Last modified date: 06/10/2024