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Statements and Commands
Ingres documentation handles statements and commands as follows.
The documentation observes the following distinction in terminology:
Is an operation that you execute at the operating system level
Is an operation that you embed within a program or execute interactively from the Terminal Monitor
A statement can be written in 4GL, a host programming language (such as C), or a database query language (SQL or QUEL).
This manual uses the following conventions to describe statement and command syntax specifications:
Indicates keywords, symbols or punctuation that you must type as shown
Represents a variable name for which you must supply an actual value
[ ] (brackets)
Indicate an optional item
{ } (braces)
Indicate an optional item that you can repeat as many times as appropriate
| (vertical bar)
Used between items in a list to indicate that you should choose one of the items
The following example illustrates the syntax conventions:
create table tablename (columnname format
   {,columnname format})
Last modified date: 06/10/2024