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Line Continuation
Embedded SQL statements and variable declarations can be continued over multiple lines. The line continuation rules are the same as those for BASIC statements. The ampersand (&) character followed immediately by a newline character indicates to the preprocessor that the current statement or declaration is to be continued. For example, the following select statement is continued over four lines:
exec sql select ename        &
        into :namevar        &
        from employee        &
        where eno = :numvar
Blank lines can be included between Embedded SQL statement lines and do not require a continuation indicator. If a line continuation character is missing from the end of a line containing an Embedded SQL statement to be continued, the preprocessor generates the error message:
"Syntax error on terminator or missing BASIC continuation indicator."
The preprocessor does not enforce strict line continuation rules in declaration sections.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024