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Unlike other Embedded SQL languages, there is no terminator for Fortran. For example, a delete statement embedded in a Fortran program looks like:
exec sql delete from employee where eno = :numvar
Do not follow an Embedded SQL statement on the same line with another Embedded SQL statement or with a Fortran statement. This causes preprocessor compile time syntax errors on the second statement. Only use white space (blanks and tabs) after the end of the statement to the end of the line.
The preprocessor allows, but does not require, a semicolon (;) to be a statement terminator for Embedded SQL statements. It does not write the semicolon to the output file it creates. The terminating semicolon can be convenient when entering source code directly from the terminal, using the -s flag on the preprocessor command line to test the syntax of a particular statement. For further details, see Preprocessor Operation in this chapter.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024