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Character Input and Output
When you input non-printable ASCII characters through the Terminal Monitor, the Terminal Monitor maps these characters to blanks. Whenever this occurs, the Terminal Monitor displays the following message:
Non-printing character nnn converted to blank
where nnn is replaced with the actual character.
For example, if you enter the following statement:
append to test (col1 = "^La")\g
the Terminal Monitor converts the ^L to a blank before sending it to the DBMS Server and displays the message described above.
On output, if the data type is char or varchar, any binary data are shown as octal numbers (\000, \035, etc.). Any backslashes in data of the char or varchar type are displayed as double backslashes. For example, if you append the following to the "test" table:
append to test (col1 = "\\a")\g
when you retrieve that value, you see:
but what is actually stored in the table is:
Last modified date: 06/08/2023