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Only the table's owner and users with retrieve permission can retrieve from a table.
(Interactive) The format in which columns are displayed can be defined when the Terminal Monitor connects to the database. For details, see the quel command description in the Command Reference Guide.
(Interactive) Retrieve displays non-printing and control characters in a manner similar to the way they are specified in string constants. For example, carriage return is printed as "\r" and the "bell" character (octal value 7) is printed as "\007". The retrieve statement leaves enough space in each text column to accommodate the declared length of the column. If there are control characters in a text string, it is possible that the number of characters printed are greater than the width of the column, and the printed columns do not line up.
The retrieve statement also has a param version for greater flexibility at runtime. Param statements are not supported in all host languages. For more information, see the Embedded QUEL Companion Guide.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024