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PRINT--Print Tables
Valid in: QUEL
Prints tables.
This statement has the following format:
print tablename {, tablename}
The print statement displays the contents of the specified tables on your terminal (or standard output). The format of the display is determined by flags that are specified when QUEL is invoked. For information about these flags, see the quel command description in the Command Reference Guide.
Print truncates and pads as necessary. Non-printing and control characters are displayed in a manner similar to the way they are specified in string constants. For example, carriage return is printed as "\r" and the "bell" character (octal value 7) is printed as "\007".
The print statement leaves enough space in each text column to accommodate the declared column width. If there are control characters in a text string, the number of characters printed can be greater than the width of the column. In this case, the printed columns do not align.
To print a table, you must own the table or have retrieve permission.
Last modified date: 11/28/2023