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Activate or Deactivate a Table
You can activate or deactivate individual tables. Activating a table enables change recording, and deactivating a table disables the change recording. Before you can activate a table, you must have registered it and created its support objects.
Note:  Typically, it is not necessary or advisable to activate or deactivate individual tables. For instructions on activating or deactivating CDDSs, databases, or the entire replication scheme, see Activate Change Recording Window.
To activate or deactivate a table
1. Place the cursor on the table to be activated or deactivated, and choose Activation.
The menu line changes to:
Activate   DeActivate   Cancel
2. Choose Activate or DeActivate.
The selected table is activated or deactivated accordingly. A yes appears in the Act column if the table has been activated.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023