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Advantages of Replication
Specific advantages of using Ingres Replicator include:
Improved performance
When multiple sites need access to the same data, providing replicated copies of the data at each local site reduces network traffic and improves response times. Also, by distributing the users over more than one machine, the load on any single machine is reduced, overcoming system bottlenecks.
Fault tolerance
If a node in the network becomes unavailable, replicated changes to be sent to that node are queued in order and are sent when the node comes back online. You can also configure Ingres Replicator so that if a particular machine fails, users can switch to another machine and continue working. If two databases do become inconsistent, Ingres Replicator has procedures for reconciling them that work in conjunction with the normal recovery procedures. Because your data exists in more than one location, loss of data on one machine is not catastrophic.
Ingres Replicator offers existing and future database connectivity solutions in an ever-changing computing environment. If your system operates over a number of different databases, you can use Ingres Replicator to connect them. Ingres Replicator interoperates with non-Ingres databases through Enterprise Access products. You can maintain your legacy systems, or use Ingres Replicator to complete a controlled migration to an Ingres database system. Thus users of the legacy system can access data created on desktop or other heterogeneous environments.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024