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Collision Detection
Suspected collisions in the Ingres Replicator system can be detected from these sources:
Errors in the Replicator server log file (replicat.log)
Collision Report
E-mail from the Replicator Server
Collisions in the Replication Server Log File
Because of the overhead involved, the Replicator Server by default does not look for collisions or attempt to resolve them. You can control collision detection and resolution through CDDS collision modes. If a collision does occur, the Replicator Server identifies the condition as an error. For example, the server issues errors such as:
The target record cannot be found in the target database or
A primary key was already in the target database for an insert transaction.
If you find these types of errors in the replicat.log file, this indicates a collision condition.
Queue Collision Report
If you suspect that a collision has occurred, run the Queue Collision Report available through Visual DBA or the Resolver option of Replicator Manager. This option looks at the distribution queue of the source database to see if any collision conditions exist. The report displays problems that exist in the current distribution queue and its target databases. For more information, see Viewing Collision Conflicts in online help or Queue Collision Report.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023