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Configuration Menu
The Configuration Menu window (shown here) appears when you choose Configuration option on the main menu. It allows you to perform various configuration tasks.
The Configuration menu has the following items:
Lets you define the replicated databases that send or receive replicated data.
For details, see Database Summary.
Lets you define Consistent Distributed Data Sets, their locations, and data propagation paths.
For details, see CDDS Summary.
Lets you register tables to be replicated, and create tables and database procedures to support the replication of those tables.
For details, see Table Registration Summary.
Lets you move the configuration information to the other databases participating in the replication scheme.
Lets you activate change recording for selected CDDSs and databases.
Lets you specify email addresses of the users who receive Ingres Replicator error messages through email.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023