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Copying Data into a Replicated Table
You can use the COPY statement to copy data into an existing replicated table.
Note:  Using bulk copy bypasses the Change Recorder, so rows added to a table with bulk copy are not replicated. Typically, this is not a problem because replicated tables have a unique primary or secondary index, and bulk copy does not occur if an index exists.
The Import Assistant also uses the COPY statement to copy data into a table. Hence, the above statement is valid for this application, and rows imported through the Import Assistant cannot be replicated.
For more information, see the section Bulk Copying in the SQL Reference Guide.
Visual DBA: For step-by-step procedures, see the online help topic, Copying Database Objects.
Replicator Manager and Command Line: If bulk copying is used to copy data into a replicated table, use the CreateKeys operation (BothQueue&ShadowTable menu item) to propagate the new data that bypassed normal data capture.
Note:  If the table was not empty, this procedure causes collisions.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023