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Database Administrator Privileges
The DBA responsible for Ingres Replicator operations needs the trace privilege.
If you want to replicate tables owned by users other than the DBA, the DBA must be granted privileges for select, insert, update, and delete operations with the grant option at all Full Peer and Protected Read-only targets.
The DBA of each database that contains a full peer or protected read-only CDDS must have the security privilege or be granted database administrator privileges in all other full peer or protected read-only targets within the replication system.
Define the ingrep Role
If the DBAs of the source and target databases are different, before a Replicator Server is started, the ingrep role must be created in the iidbdb database of every installation that has a database participating in the replication scheme and that contains a full peer or protected read-only CDDS. For more information on creating a role, see the SQL Reference Guide.
Installations running Ingres must also grant the ingrep role to the DBA by executing a GRANT statement in the iidbdb, as follows:
GRANT ingrep TO USER replicator_dba
Is the database administrator for Replicator.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024