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Deactivate the Change Recorder for a CDDS or Database
You can deactivate individual tables, CDDSs, or databases from Change Recording. Doing so stops the recording of changes, but the configuration and the replicator objects remain in the database.
Note:  Typically, it is not necessary or advisable to activate or deactivate individual tables. Rather, you would perform the operation on a CDDS or database.
To deactivate an object using Replicator Manager
1. Choose the Activate option from the Configuration Menu.
The Activate Change Recording window is displayed.
2. Place the cursor on the object to be deactivated, and choose a command from the menu line.
The menu line changes to:
Activate   DeActivate   Cancel
3. Choose DeActivate.
The selected object is deactivated.
The Stat column appears at the far right side of the Activate Change Recording window with the word "done" next to the items you deactivated.
To deactivate an object using VDBA
Refer to the VDBA online help topic Deactivating Replication.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023