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Example: R.E.P.’s CDDS 2
The Company’s London and Hong Kong offices share an international sales CDDS (CDDS 2), with each of them acting as full peers. The database information on the CDDS Worksheet for this CDDS is as follows:
Database No./Name Target Type Server Number
20 lon::europe 1 (full peer) 22
30 hkg::asia 1 (full peer) 23
The Replicator Server numbers assigned to each database are different than the Replicator Server numbers for CDDS 0. Therefore, the replications from CDDS 2 do not add traffic to the CDDS 0 Replicator Servers.
The Company’s CDDS diagram for CDDS 0 looks like this:
The Company’s Propagation Path entries on the CDDS Worksheet for CDDS 0 are as follows:
Originator DB Local DB Target DB Comment
30 30 20 HKG to LON
20 20 30 LONG to HKG
Last modified date: 06/08/2023