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How You Assign Server Numbers Greater Than Ten
The Ingres Replicator setup script and the repcat utility support only server numbers 1 through 10. If you want to run a Replicator Server with a number greater than 10, you need to follow this process:
1. Assign the desired server number (N) in the Server field:
In Visual DBA, use the Define Replicator Databases dialog.
In Replicator Manager, use the CDDS Databases and Servers window.
A row is added to the dd_servers catalog if N does not already exist.
2. Using the SQL Terminal Monitor, connect as the DBA of each replicated database with Full Peer or Protected Read-only targets and issue the following statements (replacing N with your server number):
CREATE DBEVENT dd_set_serverN;
CREATE DBEVENT dd_go_serverN;
CREATE DBEVENT dd_stop_serverN;
3. Create the server work directory from the command line. For example:
md %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\rep\servers\serverN
mkdir $II_SYSTEM/ingres/rep/servers/serverN
create /dir II_SYSTEM:[ingres.rep.servers.serverN]
Last modified date: 06/08/2023