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How You Change the Table Schema
It is possible to change the schema of any table in your replication system. Schema changes must be made on every target database where that table exists.
Visual DBA: For step-by-step procedures, see the online help topic Changing the Table Schema.
Command Line and Replicator Manager:
To change the schema of any table in your replication system, follow these steps:
1. Access Replicator Manager against the database containing the table to be changed.
2. Deregister the table from the Table Registration Summary window of the Replicator Manager using the Deregister option. For more information, see Deregister Tables on page 107.
Note:  Deregistering the table causes existing data in the shadow and archive tables to be lost because deregister drops them. If large tables are being reconfigured to expand the width of a column, for example, it is recommended that you copy out the shadow and archive tables before deregistering and reload them later.
3. Use one or more ALTER TABLE statements to effect the schema changes desired. Tables need to have 4 KB or larger page size.
4. In the Replicator Manager, use the Tables option to perform the following registration tasks on the table:
a. Register the columns.
b. Create the support objects.
If required, create the replicated transaction keys (ShadowTableOnly).
For more information, see Table Registration Summary on page 105.
5. Use the MoveConfig option to move the new database information to other affected databases in your replication system.
6. Activate change recording.
After all databases reflect the change in the table schema, the table is ready for replication on your system.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023