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How You Create a CDDS
You create a CDDS by performing the following procedures on the CDDS Definition dialog:
1. Specify collision and error modes.
You can specify collision and error modes for each CDDS. For details, see the online help topic CDDS Definition dialog.
2. Add or drop propagation paths for a CDDS.
For more information, see the online help topic Choosing Propagation Paths. See also Replication Scheme Examples.
3. Specify the databases in the CDDS and assign their target types and server numbers.
4. Register tables for replication; create Ingres Replicator support objects; turn on the Change Recorder; and specify lookup and priority lookup tables associated with a base table.
5. Choose columns in each table that are to be replicated.
The information for defining your CDDSs is contained on the CDDS Worksheet, an example of which is in Replication Scheme Examples.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024