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How the MoveConfig Operation Works
The MoveConfig operation completes the following tasks on the databases it is run against:
Copies the configuration data to the target Replicator catalogs
Makes local context changes to the target data
Creates support objects; if support objects already exist in the target database, these older objects are first destroyed
The MoveConfig operation does not accomplish any of the following tasks on remote databases:
Create lookup tables
You must create, or copy, and populate lookup tables in each database. The MoveConfig operation copies lookup table assignments. For instructions, see Lookup Tables.
Activate the remote databases
You must activate each CDDS or database from the Activate Change Recording window in order for Ingres Replicator to start working. For activation instructions, see Activate or Deactivate a CDDS or Database .
Create a mail notification list
You must run the Replicator Manager on every installation if you want to create individual mail notification lists. For instructions, see Create a Mail Notification List.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024