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Install Replicator Service on Windows
If you are configuring Ingres Replicator on Windows using the repmgr utility, you must install the Replicator service using the following procedure. The DBA who owns one or more of the replicated databases must perform this procedure.
If you are configuring Ingres Replicator using Visual DBA, you are prompted to install the Replicator service and Visual DBA performs the install task for you.
To install the replicator service using command line, follow these steps:
1. Type the following command:
repinst n
where n is the number of servers.
Repinst creates up to n Windows services to support an equal number of Replicator Servers.
2. Click Administrative Tools in the Control Panel, and then click Services.
The Services dialog appears.
3. Highlight Ingres Replicator (XX) # , where (XX) is the installation identifier, and click Start.
4. Enter the Windows logon password of the DBA.
If there are three DBAs, nyc_dba, sfo_dba, and rep_dba. The nyc_dba and rep_dba are in the same New York machine. Each of the three performs the replication startup procedure independently because the rep_dba cannot complete the procedure for the nyc_dba, and, of course, the sfo_dba must complete the procedure separately.
Further, if there are three Replicator Servers in the New York machine—two run from the nyc_dba account and the third from the rep_dba account—either nyc_dba or rep_dba can run repinst 3; or nyc_dba can run repinst 2, and rep_dba runs repinst 3, creating an additional Replicator Server service. The nyc_dba must go to the Services Control Panel and enter the username and password for servers 1 and 2, and rep_dba must do the same for server 3.
For more information about the repinst command, see the Command Reference Guide.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023