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Replicated Databases Report
The Replicated Databases Report lists information about all replicated databases that are defined in the local database. It displays the Database Number, Virtual Node Name, Database Name, DBMS Type, Database Owner, and Remarks.
This report is equivalent to the contents of the Database Summary on page 98.
The report is created when you choose the Databases option from the Resolver Reports Menu window.
Following is an example of the Replicated Databases Report:
28-Feb-2003                                                   09:40:52
                           Ingres Replicator
                      Replicated Databases Report
hq 10
Database # Virtual Node Name / Database Name                  DBMS Type
           Database Owner / Remarks
       10 nyc::hq                                                ingres
          Headquarters database
       11 sfo::west                                              ingres
          U.S. Western Region database
       12 dal::central                                           ingres
          U.S. Central Region database
       20 lon::europe                                            ingres
          European Region database
       30 hkg::asia                                              ingres
          Asian Region database
Last modified date: 06/08/2023