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Replication Scheme Planning Worksheets
You need an accurate representation of your replication scheme to accurately configure Ingres Replicator.
The planning worksheets help you to represent your replication scheme. When you are ready to start configuring Ingres Replicator, these worksheets will already contain most of the information you need to select appropriate options in configuration screens.
We recommend that you fill out the following worksheets:
Database Worksheet, which contains a list of the databases in the replicated environment.
CDDS Definition Worksheet, which contains information about the CDDSs that you need when configuring Ingres Replicator.
Table Worksheet (optional), which contains table and column information. You can use this worksheet if you need to list table information or if you are planning vertical or horizontal partitioning.
The following table is a checklist of the tasks described in this section:
Fill in the Database Worksheet. Assign values for:
   Database numbers
Fill in the CDDS Worksheet. Assign values for:
   CDDS number
   CDDS name
   Collision mode
   Error mode
   CDDS target type
   Replicator Server numbers
   Propagation paths
Fill in the Table Worksheet (if necessary)
This chapter uses a sample replication scheme, which is also used in the chapters "Configuring Replication Using Visual DBA" and "Configuring Replication Using Replicator Manager." For examples of other replication schemes and their worksheets, see Replication Scheme Examples.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024