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Replicator Data Control
Ingres Replicator gives you significant control over the flow of data. You can configure Ingres Replicator to fit your specific needs. Because Ingres Replicator has great flexibility, the key to achieving the results you want is planning your replication scheme.
You can control:
Which data is replicated
You can replicate any combination of the following sets of data:
Whole database
Subset of tables
Subset of columns
Subset of rows (based on specified values)
Where the replicated data goes
You can configure Ingres Replicator so that data is replicated in:
One direction with a single target
One direction with multiple targets
Both directions between two databases
Many directions between many databases
Combination of any of these options
What route the data takes
You must specify the route the replicated data takes to get to all its targets.
When data is replicated
You can specify whether you want Ingres Replicator to propagate changes continuously, once a day, or on demand.
What kind of databases you can use
You can use Ingres databases in any capacity with Ingres Replicator. Certain Enterprise Access databases can be used as both source and target databases; others, however, can be used only as a target database in a read-only capacity.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024