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Replicator Server Assignment
You must assign Replicator Servers on full peer databases to transmit replications to targets. Protected and unprotected read-only databases do not need Replicator Servers because they do not transmit information. They do, however, need server numbers assigned to them so that they can receive information.
Assign a Replicator Server number for each database in your replication scheme according to the following guidelines:
The number must be in the range of 1-999 and must correspond to the name of the directory where the server resides. When you set up the Ingres Replicator software, ten server directories (named server1 through server10) are created. You can add more server directories if necessary. For instructions, see chapter “Using the Replicator Server.”
The number must be unique within an Ingres Replicator installation but can be the same as a number on another installation.
Replicator Server Scenarios
The following are Replicator Server assignment scenarios that you can use:
Single server
Each local database can have a single Replicator Server that services all targets. If the replication traffic is heavy, performance can be affected.
Different server for every CDDS
Each full peer database can have a Replicator Server for each CDDS. This allows each CDDS to have a different priority (at the operating system level) and different scheduling. Also, if there is a problem with one server, the whole system is not necessarily affected.
Different server for every target database
Each target that the full peer database transmits can have its own server. This further localizes transmission problems that can occur and reduces traffic on individual servers. Many servers can improve performance over the network, however, each server uses resources. For an example of using a different server for every target database, see Example: R.E.P.’s CDDS 0.
Different server for every target database and CDDS
Even if the same target database exists in more than one CDDS, it has a different server transmitting to it for every CDDS it participates in. For an example of using different servers for every target database and CDDS, see Example: R.E.P.’s Server Assignments.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023