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Replicator and Other Products
Ingres Replicator can also be used with Enterprise Access products, including Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 UDB, RMS, RDB, or EDBC products, including CA-Datacom/DB, IBM DB2, and IMS. Ingres Replicator is compatible with all Enterprise Access products, EDBC products, and the abstract date data type, providing the database product that underlies your Enterprise Access Server or EDBC Server and your Enterprise Access product or EDBC product supports it. If your legacy system relies on data from a heterogeneous system, you can designate replicated data to be sent through the gateway.
The following figure illustrates the components of a sample Ingres Replicator environment consisting of a development tool, an Ingres DBMS Server and database, the Ingres Replicator Server, Ingres Net, two additional Ingres databases, and an Enterprise Access database:
Last modified date: 06/10/2024