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Responsibilities of the Distributed Database Administrator
In conventional DBMS installations, a database administrator (DBA) oversees the DBMS at a designated local site and is the owner of the databases created within the DBA’s account.
As a distributed database system, Ingres Replicator can span many local and remote locations. Using Ingres Replicator not only requires local DBAs to maintain their own part of the system, including the replicated databases that they own, but also requires a distributed database administrator to:
Design and plan the replication system, including how and when data is shared among its users. Only after the distributed DBA has developed a complete design plan can Ingres Replicator be configured successfully.
Coordinate the installation and re-configuration of the system among its different sites.
Monitor and oversee the system at an enterprise level, rather than a local level.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023