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dd_db_cdds Table
The dd_db_cdds table defines which CDDSs are present in which database:
Column Name
Data Type
smallint not null
Identifies a database in the replicated environment.
smallint not null
Identifies a CDDS present in the database.
smallint not null
Indicates the expected replication behavior of the CDDS in the database. Values are:
1 = Full peer
2 = Protected read-only
3 = Unprotected read-only
smallint not null
with default
Indicates that transmission of replicated information to the CDDS or the database is temporarily disabled, typically because of collisions or errors encountered.
smallint not null
with default
Identifies the Replicator Server, if any, that propagates changes to the CDDS at the database.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024