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dd_regist_columns Table
The dd_regist_columns table defines the columns of the tables that have been registered for replication:
Column Name
Data Type
smallint not null
Numeric identifier assigned to the table by the configuration process.
char(256) not null
The name of the column.
integer not null
Indicates the sequence of the column in the base table. If the column is not replicated, its sequence is 0 (zero).
smallint not null with default
The order of the column in the unique key used for replication. If the value is 0, this column is not part of the key.
Note:  If you rename any registered table columns using the ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN statement, you must update dd_regist_columns with the new column names. Rename the table columns in the replicated and target databases and then use the repmgr utility to register, support, and activate the new table column names.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023