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repcat Command--Create Replicator Catalogs
The repcat utility creates and populates the Ingres Replicator catalogs and creates Ingres Replicator database events.
You must run repcat before starting the Replicator Manager for the first time. The repcat utility must be run on every Ingres Replicator database containing Full Peer or Protected Read-only CDDSs. You do not need to run repcat on databases with only Unprotected Read-only CDDSs; repcat must be run before you can move the Ingres Replicator configuration from a configuration database to the other participating databases.
The repcat command has the following format:
repcat [-udba_name][vnode::]dbname
(Optional) Specifies the effective user for the session.
Is the name of the database optionally preceded by the virtual node name (vnode).
After repcat is invoked, the following message appears:
Creating Replicator catalogs on database ‘dbname’ ...
Replicator catalogs for database ‘dbname’ created successfully.
Last modified date: 06/08/2023