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repmgr Command--Start the Replicator Manager
The repmgr command invokes Replicator Manager.
Note:  To run Replicator Manager, you must have the correct system privileges and use the correct DBA name. An Ingres user with security privilege can impersonate the DBA and modify Replicator Manager information.
The repmgr command has the following format:
repmgr [-udba_name] [vnode::]dbname
(Optional) Specifies the effective user for the session. You must run this command as the owner of the database.
Specifies the database to connect to. By specifying the node name of a remote database to Replicator Manager, the database administrator can administer the Ingres Replicator network from the local machine. However, replication servers cannot be started from a different node, and the RepServer configuration file cannot be edited from a remote node.
For example, the following command, executed from a remote San Francisco computer, allows Replicator Manager to be run in client-server mode from the local San Francisco computer to the hq database on the nyc node and assumes that the San Francisco DBA is impersonating the New York DBA (nyc_dba).
repmgr -unyc_dba nyc::hq
Last modified date: 06/08/2023