About This Manual : Conventions
Unless otherwise noted, command syntax, code, and examples use the following conventions:
Commands and reserved words typically appear in uppercase letters. Unless the manual states otherwise, you can enter these items using uppercase, lowercase, or both. For example, you can type MYPROG, myprog, or MYprog.
Words appearing in bold include the following: menu names, dialog box names, commands, options, buttons, statements, and so forth.
Monospaced font
Monospaced font is reserved for words you enter, such as command syntax.
[ ]
Square brackets enclose optional information, as in [log_name]. If information is not enclosed in square brackets, it is required.
A vertical bar indicates a choice of information to enter, as in [file_name | @file_name].
< >
Angle brackets enclose multiple choices for a required item, as in /D=<5|6|7>.
Words appearing in italics are variables that you must replace with appropriate values, as in file_name.
. . .
An ellipsis following information indicates you can repeat the information more than one time, as in [parameter . . . ].
The symbol ::= means one item is defined in terms of another. For example, a::=b means the item a is defined in terms of b.