Monitoring PSQL Servers with DTO : DtoMkdeClientHandle Object
DtoMkdeClientHandle Object
An object representing a MicroKernel client handle.
Returns the file name associated with a MicroKernel client handle
Returns the locks status enumeration of a MicroKernel client handle. See Lock Type for a list of possible values.
Returns the open mode enumeration of the MicroKernel client handle. See Open Mode for a list of possible values.
Returns a text version of OpenMode.
Returns the transaction state.
Returns the wait status enumeration for a MicroKernel client handle. See Wait State for a list of possible values.
To obtain all the MicroKernel client handles for a specific client, use the DtoMkdeClientHandles Collection.
’ Instantiate session and connect
Dim my_session as new DtoSession
Dim result as DtoResult
result = my_session.Connect("myserver", "username", "password")
’ Get monitor object from session
Dim my_monitor as DtoMonitor
Set my_monitor = my_session.Monitor
’ Now get MicroKernel Engine Clients from monitor
Dim my_mkdeclients as DtoMkdeClients
Set my_mkdeclients = my_monitor.MkdeClients
’ retrieve first client and get its client handles
Dim first_client as DtoMkdeClient
Dim my_clienthandles as DtoMkdeClientHandles
Set first_client = my_mkdeclients(1)
Set my_clienthandles = first_client.MkdeClientHandles
’ determine number of members in the collection
Dim num_clienthandles as long
num_clienthandles = my_clienthandles.Count
’ get first client handle and query file name
Dim first_clienthandle as DtoMkdeClientHandle
Dim fileName as string
Set first_clienthandle = my_clienthandles(1)
fileName = first_clienthandle.FileName
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