Creating and Maintaining Catalogs and Dictionaries with DTO : DtoTables Collection
DtoTables Collection
Returns a collection of DtoTable objects.
Returns the number of members in a collection.
Returns a specific member of a collection. You can pass an ordinal value or a table name.
This collection only includes the user defined tables and does not include system tables. The dictionary has to be successfully opened. In order to add or drop tables from the collection use AddTable and DropTable.
Use the Count property to find the number of members in the DtoTables collection.
Using DtoDatabase
Before obtaining the Tables collection, you must first invoke the Open method on the database object, even if the database is not secured.
Dim m_session as new DtoSession
Dim m_database as new DtoDatabase
Dim table as new DtoTable
Dim result as DtoResult
result = m_session.Connect(“server”,”user”,”password”)
m_database.Name = “demodata”
m_database.Session = m_session
' Open database, assuming database not secured
result = m_database.Open(“”,“”)
For each table in m_database.Tables
if table.Name = “Billing” then
‘ found the billing table
End If
m_database.Close ‘ close the db if you open it
Using DtoDictionary
Dim dictionary as new DtoDictionary
Dim table as new DtoTable
Dim result as DtoResult
Dim location as string
'find location of Mytable table
result = dictionary.Open("d:\MyDemodata")
For Each table In dictionary.Tables
If table.Name = "Mytable" Then
location = table.Location
exit For
End If
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