3. Creating Server Connection Definitions (Vnodes) : Connection Data
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Connection Data
The Connection data specifies the network address of the remote node, the listen address of the remote instance’s Communications Server, and the network protocol that is used to make the connection.
The Connection data has the following items:
Specifies type of connection, either global or private.
Net Address
Identifies the network address or name of the remote node.
Your network administrator specifies this address or name when the network software is installed. Normally, the node name as defined at the remote node is sufficient for the node address.
For the format of the net address, see Network Address Format.
Specifies the keyword for the protocol used by the local node to connect to the remote node. Use the keyword tcp_ip.
Listen Address
Identifies the unique identifier used by the remote Communications Server for interprocess communication. See Listen Address Format.
Just as the vnode name identifies an instance on the network, the listen address identifies a process (the Communications Server) in the remote instance.