6. Configuring the Data Access Server : Data Access Server Parameters--Configure DAS
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Data Access Server Parameters--Configure DAS
To configure the DAS, use the Data Access Server Parameters page in Configuration-By-Forms (cbf) or Configuration Manager (vcbf).
The DAS has the following configurable parameters:
Defines the maximum number of concurrent client connections permitted.
Set to –1 for no limit.
Defines the time, in minutes, to wait for client requests. If the time expires with no request from the client, the client and DBMS Server connections are aborted.
Set to 0 for no timeout.
Defines the time, in minutes, for which a DBMS Server connection remains in the connection pool. The connection is aborted if a pooled connection is not used in this amount of time.
Set to 0 for no expiration.
Defines the maximum number of DBMS Server connections held in the connection pool.
Set to –1 for no limit.
Specifies the operational mode of the connection pool. Modes are:
Enables pooling unless explicitly disabled by the client. The DAS saves and reuses DBMS Server connections when connection pooling is enabled.
Disables pooling.
Enables pooling but only when requested by the client.
Identifies the listen address for the network protocol port. This can be a numeric port identifier or a symbolic port identifier such as II7. This port must not be used by any other network server on the platform.
The symbolic port ID has the following syntax:
X is an alphabetic character
Y is an alphanumeric character
n is a subport in the range 0 to 15. A leading 0 is permitted in the subport (for example: II09 is interpreted as II9).
+ indicates that a port ID can be rolled up.
If the DAS startup count is specified as greater than 1, CBF automatically adds a + designator to the port identifier. When listen attempts are made on such a port identifier, the address is incremented (rolled up) and a listen attempt is made on the next address. This allows for connection attempts to multiple Data Access Servers.
Ingres default: II7
Vector default: VW7
Specifies the status of the network protocol. Options are:
Indicates that the DAS must listen to (accept) connection requests on the protocol.
Disables the protocol.